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    Connecting the nouns* is at the heart of what I do.


    Through marketing and communications consulting, I connect consumers and influencers to brands that work for positive change in our communities.


    Through my work as a social media manager, whether for a small business, event or nonprofit association, I connect consumers to available products and services.

    Through content writing, whether it's for a magazine, a small business, or a marketing campaign, I connect readers to the world around them.

    Through event management and support, whether for a charity fundraiser or private company, I connect event guests to a fun, memorable experience.


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    *people, places and things

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  • Areas of Expertise


    Fast. Well crafted. On target.

    My background in content creation for digital and print media, with extensive experience in writing and editing copy for consumer and professional audiences, gives me an understanding of how to best capture the voice of my client. Whether you are a small business, trade show or a nonprofit organization, I'm listening to your specific needs when it comes to communicating your message.

    Social Media

    Forward-thinking. Sensitive. Responsive.

    I build social media platforms that align with your brand identity, finding you content to share that encourages engagement among your fans and followers. I offer training on best practices in content writing and distribution. And I will never make you use a platform that isn't a good fit for your goals.


    HootSuite Certified Professional.

    Marketing and Public Relations Strategy

    Strategic. Visionary. Effective.

    I've developed marketing and PR campaigns for small businesses, tech startups, nonprofits and trade shows. I can work with your in-house team to create and execute cross-platform campaigns.


    Portfolio available upon request.

    Event Management & Support

    Timely. Efficient. Organized.

    I work with my team behind the scenes or front-of-house to execute and organize your event, whether it's ticket sales, volunteer training/recruitment and management, vendor relations, raffle/silent auction prize recruitment, or live updates on social media.

  • Services

    My services cover content writing, marketing/PR strategy & planning, and event support.

    small business owners

    • Content writing
    • Digital platform content strategy - website & social media; short-term, long-term, special events
    • E-newsletter development & distribution
    • Training - social media posting/updating

    nonprofit organizations & advocacy groups

    • Content writing
    • Fundraiser support & management
    • Social media campaign strategy - short-term, long-term, special events/fundraisers
    • E-newsletter development & distribution

    event managers & showrunners

    • Event support & management - staffing, ticketing, volunteer training
    • Vendor solicitation & recruitment
    • Workshop/seminar organization, recruitment & management

    • Social media strategy & development

    • Raffle prize recruitment

    • Publicity & marketing support - news blasts, event calendar listings

    • Live, cross-platform social media coverage from event* - street team training/support

    *Serving DC/MD/VA area; travel expenses may apply

  • clients

    A sampling of clients, ranging from authors to nonprofits, small business owners to events.

    American Women Artists

    From 2016-2020, Corinne was the social media manager for American Women Artists (AWA), a nonprofit association focused on promoting and celebrating women artists in North America. Highlights of her work with AWA include development of member promotions program(s) and the #NewWorksWednesday Instagram campaign designed to promote new work by women artists in North America and Canada. In 2018, Corinne became AWA's membership manager, working directly with the organization's 900+ members on account management and dues invoicing.

    Baltimore/Washington International Pen Show

    Since 2017, Corinne has been the marketing director for the Baltimore/Washington International Pen Show. In collaboration with the event organizer, Bert Oser, Corinne oversees marketing and promotion activities for this 3-day trade show and public expo, including live posting on the show's social media accounts. In 2018, Corinne expanded her role to assistant organizer, which includes event logistics, vendor relations, volunteer management and workshop planning.

    Detroit Pen Show

    The Detroit Pen Show hired Corinne in 2019 as marketing/PR director to help the 3-day trade show & vendor expo establish its presence on the pen show circuit. Working directly with showrunner Dale Penkala, Corinne oversaw the development of the show's digital platform and marketing strategy, writing content for both the website and social media accounts and pitching news stories to local and regional media. She also provided event support with ticketing, vendor relations and workshop logistics.

    Garden Kids

    For more than six years, Corinne has provided marketing, public relations, and social media management support to Garden Kids, an organic children's wear company based in southern California. She has developed Facebook ad campaigns, created and maintained the company's Facebook Page and Pinterest account, and written original content for use on the company's online platform and Medium account.

    Miami Pen Show

    Corinne has been the marketing director for the Miami Pen Show since 2017. Her work entails crafting and overseeing all marketing/promotional copy for the show's social media accounts. In 2019, Corinne also provided event support, including ticketing, vendor relations and workshop logistics.

    South Beach Style Haircare

    In 2017, Corinne wrote website content for South Beach Style Haircare, a line of haircare products developed by stylist Doug Logue. She developed the company's social media platform, building brand awareness and recognition through a 5-month Hair Tip Tuesday campaign and product-centric memes.

    Sacramento Couture Runway and Bridal Show

    In 2014, Corinne provided social media management services for Sacramento Couture Runway and Bridal Show, an inaugural event hosted by Classique Catering and the City of Sacramento. She provided guidance and oversight for the event's social media campaign, with tasks including content writing for the event's Facebook Page, setup and maintenance of Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and live posting from the event. Held on August 17 at Sacramento's historic Memorial Auditorium, the bridal show drew more than 200 attendees.

    Sacramento Burger Battle

    In 2012 and 2013, Corinne worked with Sacramento Burger Battle founder Rodney Blackwell and event planner Natalie Paulsen to organize and promote the charity fundraiser, held in mid-September at Raley Field in West Sacramento. Corinne wrote news releases and pitched articles/segments to local media outlets, oversaw raffle prize recruitment and ticket sales, and coordinated volunteer staff. Since the event's inception in 2012, it has raised more than $75,000 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.

    916 Ink

    In 2013 and 2014, Corinne developed social media campaigns to raise funds for 916 Ink, a youth literacy nonprofit based in Sacramento, during the Big Day of Giving. The organization exceeded its fundraising goals both years, with donations, prizes and matching funds totaling over $20,000.

  • client testimonials

    Small Business and Nonprofits

    We have worked with Corinne for many years and recommend her highly. She’s solution-driven, highly organized, and she meets her deadlines. She’s done social media management, content creation, and project management for our organization. We continue to depend on her creativity, customer service, and competence. - American Women Artists


    We hired Corinne to create a social media and email campaign for a 24 hour fundraising challenge…and we more than tripled our fundraising goal! Her easy-to-use tools and tutorials helped our team rise to the challenge. We attribute our success to her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail; Corinne's dedication to this project made all the difference.

    - Katie McCleary, Executive Director, 916 Ink


    Thoroughly enjoyed working with Corinne and we would highly recommend her! Corinne handled set-up and implementation of our multiple business social media outlets, plus public relations outreach. Creative ideas and great writing really helped build our audience. Corinne also worked with us on a nonprofit advocacy group devoted to saving open space. Her insights were so valuable in helping us through tough outreach campaigns. - P. Haddad, Owner, Garden Kids

  • Bio

    About Corinne Litchfield

    Born in the Washington D.C. suburbs, Corinne graduated with honors from Takoma Academy and received a B.A. in English and Communications from George Washington University. Her early career in the D.C. area focused on health communications, with an emphasis in call center training and management. Clients included the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, and the Food & Drug Administration.


    Corinne moved to Southern California in the spring of 2000 and worked for several years as an assistant editor in consumer and B2B magazine publishing for PRIMEDIA and Canon Communications. In 2008 she transitioned into public relations, representing several Web 2.0 clients at The Bohle Company. Her freelance career took off in 2009, working with clients on marketing and PR campaigns, social media management, and content writing.


    Corinne relocated to Sacramento in 2010, where she wrote for Sacramento Magazine and other publications on topics such as technology, health and medicine, personality profiles, and regional travel/businesses/events. She also provided marketing, social media, and communications support to individuals, nonprofit organizations, private industry, and small businesses. She was a frequent speaker at writers' groups on website building, social media, and online platform development.


    In September 2016, Corinne returned to the Washington, D.C. area. She resides in Baltimore and works with both East Coast and West Coast clients on marketing & communications consulting, event planning and content writing.


    Corinne's areas of expertise include:

    • content writing for print and digital media
    • digital platform development and strategy, including web and social media
    • event support and management
    • marketing and public relations strategy
    • social media consulting, coaching and training
    • copywriting
    • copyediting
    • technical writing
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